Better Bean Co for Healthy, Quick Meals

Who is The Better Bean Company?

better bean

Better Bean came about when a daddy, Keith Kulberg, was making his famous vegetarian refried beans recipe for his little girls.  They adored those beans and wanted them all the time, but it took so much time to make!  Suddenly inspiration struck and a daddy also became the founder to The Better Bean Company! Why not have healthy delicious beans as part of their quick meals all the time?

What if fresh, ready to eat beans were sold in the refrigerated section?!

And voila!  The Better Bean Company was born!  Now, everyone can make a quick ready to eat meal!  Being supportive to all diets they’re vegan friendly and gluten free.  But they’re also Non Gmo Verified!  And, with their 5 flavors you’ve many ways to add variety to your diet!

  • Rethought Red Beans sautéed with onion and tomatillo
  • Uncanny Refried Black Beans sautéed with serrano and habanero
  • Cuban Black Beans with sautéed onion and poblano pepper
  • Three Sisters Chili with beans, corn, squash and ancho
  • Wholly Chipotle Bean Dip a chipotle lime bean spread

Better Beans are now sold across the United States and Canada through premium and natural food retailers.  They’re quick and easy to add to salads, soups, or as a quick or simple lunch so try them out and share how fresh, healthy beans can make your meal prep easier.


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  1. andrea bullock says:

    Hi! I was very happy to find out I won the Better Beans!!! I had gone through the prizes and this was one I hoped my name landed on! I couldn’t be happier and thank you very much. Thanks so much to all the sponsors and blog sites that brought it to us!

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