Branch Basics for a Healthier Home

Branch Basics for a Healthier Home

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I watched as a woman chugged down some cleanser.  I thought is 911 still 911 no matter what state you’re in? I must have looked worried because Kelly, one of Branch Basics gals, said, “Don’t worry!”

It turns out that the 5 ingredients (Purified water, fatty acids, coconut oil, minerals and enzymes derived from edible and seed-bearing plants, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)  in Branch Basics are all natural!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I watched as a red drink was spilled on a white tablecloth and my shock at the waste of a good drink 😉 turned to absolute shock as Branch Basics literally removed the stain.  And then, she drank some more of the cleaner.  It was amazing.  Something that removes red drinks and is safe enough to drink.  Holy cow!

Allison and Kelly shared all the different ways Branch Basic concentrated cleanser replaced household cleaners; kitchen soap, countertop spray, mop solution, tub and shower cleaner, all that AND was still gentle enough to wash a baby in.  Sure…so, I snag a bit later that night and head up to my room to do some testing on my super sensitive skin.

Branch Basics Soap

Now, I’ve baby sensitive skin….and I was wearing some makeup since I was at a conference.  My skin not only was cleaned quickly but it wasn’t tight.  I didn’t HAVE to use my coconut oil.  It even removed my mascara!  I got some in my eye but it didn’t sting.  And, yep I totally stuck it in my eye.  Sting free.

While I wouldn’t advocate drinking it I know it’s safe and does a great job cleaning and it truly is pure enough to use on delicate skin.


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