A Chemical Free Laundry with Molly’s Suds

A Chemical Free Laundry with Molly’s Suds

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Molly’s Suds is a powerful, natural cleaner.  Everything Molly’s Suds sells has the power of the conventional brands without the toxins, carcinogens, preservatives or GMOs. Molly’s Suds brand is a wonderful choice for chemical free laundry. 

It works in cold and hot water which saves you money on your electric or gas bill.  It is also safe for your septic system and your High Efficiency/HE machines.  It even works in older washing machines.  As a momma that passed down the sensitive skin to her kiddos I love that it’s safe and gentle for kiddos with sensitive skin.   But where it really makes my heart smile is that you can try it them out with the trial packs.

The Laundry Powder has 120 HE loads in that wee pack which means less fossil fuels are used in shipping and with only 5 ingredients you KNOW what’s in it. You’ve fresh, clean clothes when you pull them out of the washer

Cleaning cloth diapers isn’t the most fun job but I did love my stash and how they made a wee bum even cuter but it took a while to discover what I needed to clean them.  Luckily, The Cloth Diaper Powder follows the Real Diaper Association’s recommendations for cloth diapers and washing practices.  Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Powder is free of essential oils and fragrance.  It also naturally brightens and removes stains without enzymes.  It’s also nut and gluten free so no worries!  It also has 64 HE loads.

If your refusal to use chlorine bleach to make those white WHITE! drives conventional family crazy to where they’re asking how many days the kids have worn their clean socks.  Then you should try the Oxygen Whitener.  It’s safe and effective but you do need a soaking cycle on your HE otherwise you’ll want to soak them in a bucket or a utility sink.  I simply stopped the cycle on my HE when I needed to soak something.  That was before it drown in the basement flood so I don’t know if that would work for any now.  You’ll also want to use hot water for best results.  Now, this does have lemon essential oils in it which helps with the whitening and brightening but it’s still fragrance, ammonia and bleach free.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

There’s nothing worse than the stink that comes from uniforms and exercise wear.  You’ve to be careful with the synthetic fabrics or else that sports bra turns into some kind of odd yo-yo when you’re running.  Don’t ask.  But, the Sports Laundry Powder takes all that into consideration for the natural and green folks.  It eliminates bacteria, odor, and removes stains.  And even though it’s made for synthetic fabrics it’s still safe since it’s made of plant and food based ingredients.  That’s right even natural ingredients are supportive to synthetic fabrics.

If you machine dry your clothes you’ll want a set of Molly’s Suds Wool Dryer Balls.  They do just over 6 loads of laundry a week for 3 years.  It shortens your drying time up to 30% which means if it takes 6 hours to dry the laundry you’ve nearly 2 hours to hide in the laundry room, enjoying a drink, without anyone bothering you.  I suggest a door on the laundry room and a sign.  I suggest, “The one that interrupts me doing laundry and isn’t ill or harmed will take over the doing of the laundry….and if you’ve harmed another you will be the one doing the laundry.”  You can almost taste the peace!  It will also soften all your laundry; towels, delicates, bulky comforters, and cloth diapers without toxic fabric softeners.  Oh and since it reduces drying time…your gas and electric bill will be smaller which enables the purchase said tasty beverage.  Finally, laundry becomes something you can look forward to!

What would you do with the time and money you’d save with Molly’s Suds?


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