Chosen Foods- Super Foods of the World

Chosen Foods- Super Foods of the World

Healthy, nutritious foods from the world to your table. #BigGreenGiveaway

Chosen Foods is one of my favorite natural food companies.  They provide quality, highly nutritious, “super foods” from across the world.

A common thread in Chosen Foods culture lies in the foundational belief that food has the power to heal. This belief has led us on a search around the globe to bring healing superfood ingredients to the world.

-Carsten Hagen, CEO Chosen Foods

The foods they create to feed you and your family are full of vitamins, minerals and health.  They are grown without pesticides or gmos and like a parent preparing to conceive they use a field that is fertile and free of poisons to plant in.  They watch over as the plants are grown, harvested and packaged for our consumption.

image courtesy Chosen Foods

They watch and believe so much in the purity of food that they are completely transparent.  After discovering how other companies make false claims they began working to prove their purity.  They provide 3rd party lab data for download showing the exact nutritional data of each lot versus a “generic standard” to share with you they are what they say they are.

We as consumers need to stand up and hold all companies, especially those who handle our foods, to higher standards and expect transparency of 3rd party testing results.

Improving our health can be confusing.  Especially when the companies we trust to provide a healthy product make false claims.  But Chosen Foods are working on simplifying it. They’re simplifying it by providing products with proof and educating us so we are empowered to make conscious choices that lead to a healthier home, family and world.

We want you to feel good about what you’re eating. We want you to feel good about where your food comes from. We want you to experience true nutrition for disease free living.                                                                    ~Chosen Foods

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