Gluten Free Meal Plan and Cookbook from $5 Dinners

Gluten Free Meal Plan and Cookbook from $5 Dinners

Meal planning support for everyone from gluten free to the busy sports family! #BigGreenGiveaway

Going gluten free is hard when you’ve lived on pasta and bread you’re whole life but what are you going to do?  Your and your kiddos belly can’t wait for you to learn how to cook gluten free or find some meals.  You need something NOW.  Luckily, Erin of $5 Dinners has the answer.  She’s put together meal plans that save you money, time and sanity.

Her plans, while not organic, can EASILY be converted over by buying organic ingredients instead of conventional since they’re planned out for Costco.  I LOVE Costco because they have fresh organic chicken and beef AND frozen veggies and fruits that are organic yet stinkin’ affordable!  Sorry…Costco tangent but I think Erin would approve.

So, she created a gluten free plan that’s simple, quick and easy to put together with one shopping trip.  I know ‘cause I did it!  I didn’t have to think and she even offered side dish ideas if you’re tired of the same veg each night.  I simply printed the grocery list ( I checked though to see if we had stuff as I buy in bulk and we have a mini farm), grabbed our freezer bags and the kids, drove to Costco and was in and OUT ON A SATURDAY in 45/50 minutes.  There was a disagreement on what time it was when we entered.  For someone that reads the ingredients and kids wanting to sample everything so I’ve got to read if there’s an allergen in it so they can try it well… that’s FAST and it’s because I had Erin’s plan.  I’m normally in there a good hour and a half on a weekday but a Saturday?  ‘Fuhgettaboutet.’

I was about to go home, make up our dinners and be DONE with it.  My only issue is I’m a ‘In the Mood to Eat’ Eater and my kiddos like to create something so a plan isn’t great for us on average.  However, it is GREAT to have meals stored in the freezer, ready to go for late nights getting in, when I’m at a blog conference, or when you can have a date night the kids can pull a healthy meal out ‘cause everything is there.  They’re (ВИДЕО) an “in case” dinner or lunch for us.

Her plans aren’t just for gluten free’ers or only for dinner either.  There’s a Classic Meal Plan, Freezer Meal Plans,  a 6 week Slow Cooker plan & a 6 week Paleo/Whole30 Meal plan will be available in March.  Each of the plans have recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.  There’s extra’s too like snacks, drink and side dish ideas.  And, since everything is written in categories you can see how it’s easy to swap out and make it fit your family when you’re using the shopping list.

Erin says she puts the family fun back in grocery shopping and cooking and I think she’s right.  Because we shopped and had those meals made up in the time it normally takes us to shop.
21 Gluten Free Meals from Costco for $162

How much time would you save cooking and shopping if you used Erin’s $5 Dinners where everything from the recipes to the shopping list is put together for you?

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