Happy is the Healthy HooHoo

Happy is the Healthy HooHoo

Healthy HooHoo natural feminine care

A common vaginal health guide or recommendations from the 1920’s was to clean the labia and vagina with <a href="http://www why not try here.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/18/remedies-for-women-tapeworms-lysol_n_1100448.html” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Lysol.  Nowadays we’re horrified to think of OB/Gyn’s, mothers, and friends recommending this advice to one another.  But ads still recommend the use of toxic vaginal soaps, wipes and douches every day.  Luckily, Healthy HooHoo is here to save the day.

Healthy HooHoo is a natural feminine care or freshness product line that is free of

  • Parabens or any other synthetic preservatives-your vagina doesn’t have a shelf life
  • Scent or Fragrance – neither masking agents nor passion fruit
  • Alcohol – save that for later
  • Mineral Oil or Lanolin – we’ll let aloe work it’s magic
  • Sulfates, dyes or detergents – luv your hoohoo already
  • Phthaletes – don’t pronounce the Ph, and steer clear of it while you’re at it
  • No animal by-products – Vegan and Vegetarian friendly

Healthy Hoohoo is designed to clean your labia & vulva without removing the natural protection built into our bodies.   Not only does Healthy Hoohoo’s completely natural line of feminine products help one transition away from the toxic chemicals of conventional lines it also helps your body detox since you’re allowing the vagina to naturally clean itself.

Healthy Hoohoo


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