Naturepedic: the Best Organic Mattress

Naturepedic: the Best Organic Mattress

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Why would you want to use an organic mattress? Let me you 10 reasons and then you let me know if you feel the same way. 

1. Have you ever had to change a crib sheet?  That mattress may have been glued to the crib as hard as it is to lift just to put a clean sheet on.  Naturepedic has an Organic, cotton crib mattress that is LIGHTWEIGHT!  Yeah…it’s the middle of the night and no one needs to wrestle with a mattress.

2. Naturepedic has certified organic cotton fabric & filling so you know it’s not organic cotton “plated”…it’s good to the core.

3. Naturepedic’s Classic 2 Stage allows for firm control for an infant and a softer side for your toddler.  This means you’ve a “2fer” and are able to save money and your child’s health.

Crib Mattress Set

4. Laying on it felt delicious.  I wanted to snuggle down and take a nap right there in the middle of Shiftcon and I think that’s why they didn’t have a blanket…too tempting.

5. The natural materials used makes them naturally flame retardant.  Flame retardant chemicals have been linked to health issues ranging from cancer to reproductive issues to asthma.  It’s especially dangerous during a fire because then burnt toxic gas is released.  If your home catches on fire you want to improve your families chance at making it out the house.  That’s the number one reason why we donated our living room furniture years ago.

6. They meet GREENGUARD standards which when translated to normal people language means they’re eliminating chemical emissions so your kiddo has an atmosphere to play in!

Baby in Bassinet

7. They can be wiped clean when Junior has a complete diaper blow out in the middle of the night (why is it ALWAYS in the middle of the night?).  This is also where reason #2 is once again of value.

8. They also sell an organic, cotton crib mattress pad which means your baby isn’t waking up sweaty and if you’ve an older crib or mattress adding the waterproof pads will help block dust mite allergens.  They also sell organic pillows!

Standard & Toddler

9. The corners are square…not rounded which means the mattress has a snug fit so your baby can be safer.

10.  And!!  It’s made in the USA.


All of Naturepedic’s mattresses are handmade in Ohio, deep in Amish country, so you know you’re getting heirloom quality adult and baby organic mattress all while supporting an American business that cares about your health and the health of your family.


Why do you think it’s important to create a healthy sleeping environment for your baby and your family?




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