UES Offers Environmentally Friendly Products

UES Offers Environmentally Friendly Products

UES better water #BigGreenGiveaway

Water is the one thing on this earth we all need.  Here in the states we rarely appreciate how awesome it is to have water magically pour from our faucets.  Shoot we even use fresh water to flush our waste.  As a people of a “privileged” society we do not have to deal with many water issues.

Living in America means the most we need to deal with water woe’s is when a water main breaks for a few hours or as was the case for us a few years ago we literally had no safe water coming to the house for nearly 3 days!  It was the middle of summer and I didn’t want to have to boil water and add to the heat in the house.  A girlfriend loaned me her Berkey from UES she used while camping and I fell in love.

It made the water taste better too.  Boiled water had to cool…and then it was…odd tasting. But the Berkey filtered the dirty water and it tasted like our well water before it ran dry.  Not only did it taste better but it also removed the fluoride and other additives the county must add to the water to clean it.live streaming film The Lobster

I also read about how so many people are throwing medication down the toilet.  This is leading to estrogen IN our water.  I don’t want my children ingesting hormones as they’re supposed to drink life giving water.

UES offers various Berkey’s that are stainless steel which also means no worries about plastic, bpa, aluminium or leaching into the water as it’s filtering down through.  It makes your dirty water pure as a mountain spring before the Industrial Revolution. 😉  The simple design means it sits nicely on the counter and makes it easier for the kids, to get their own drinks.  Since it’s stainless steel it’ll match any decor although when you’re out of water…you don’t care if it’s tie dye’d! 😉  But, you will notice the kids are enjoying their drinking water even more and you are too browse around this site.

I eventually returned my girlfriend’s UES Berkey to her and it’s one thing we have on our to buy list for this summer as I want my kids to have pure water free of contaminants and chemicals and creepy crawlies that still make their way through our faucets.

If your water tasted better would you and your family drink more of it?

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  1. Lives Green says:

    This is interesting. There is nothing bad about the water I drink at home. But I want it to taste even better so I think I’m considering this item, too.

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